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SafeChat SafeChat A chat app for parents to control who their kids and teens are talking to! Available in the AppStore, Google Play for Android phones and tablets and now the Amazon AppStore for Kindle Tablets.
Moms On Call Moms on call is a great app for new parents! Help get your kids on a schedule and get some sleep :) Founded by nurses in Atlanta, this thriving company now has their great schedules in the palm of your hand. Moms On Call
Budget Bum Budget Bum A super simple budgeting application that helps you figure out who is spending you money! It is sharable between devices so each person (wife + hubby) can track their expenses. Available on iOS and Android.
UWENi UWENi is a mobile video streaming platform. Capable of encoding in the new adaptive HTML streaming protocol required by Apple and suitable for mobile devices. Our store application is limited to YouTube content currently but is offered as a white label product for your video needs. UWENi
Snap and Sell Snap and Sell Snap a pic, sell it! its that simple with our snap 'n sell product, available in the iOS store currently and coming soon to Android devices.

We are pleased to announce support for Kindle tablets 2nd generation and above including support for Amazon’s notification center.

You can download it directly from Amazon.

As with all our versions, any SafeChat on any device can chat with users on different devices.

Yup, we hit both devices at once with our newest SafeChat app.

You can find it here,

Feature wise it needs a few more goodies to catch up to its iOS counterpart and those will be out in the next release.



SafeChat goes live!

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Its been awhile in the making thats for sure! making sure parents and their kids feel safe about device communication. SafeChat lets you, the parent, control who your kids can talk to via a simple 2-way authentication system. Our parental controls also allow for quiet times so kids don’t talk “after hours” :)

You can find our iOS version right now in the AppStore with our Android version coming soon.

Keep your kids safe, use SafeChat!

Our newest apps go live!

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We are pleased to announce a revised UWENi has been published to the appstore and a brand new Budget Bum was also released. Two completely different apps with different technical stacks and both free!


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Welcome to our new site, it has been awhile since we updated the site but about time :)

GoVelvet is a mobile development focused company building for all the major device platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Please look around and contact us with any questions.